We now offer Same-Day Delivery!

We use a 3rd party delivery service for our local delivery. They deliver by ttc and by foot, keeping a low carbon footprint. Not all areas are deliverable, if so we will notify you by phone/email. 

Delivery price is based on distance from subway/ttc and will be $8-$14.50. It is hard to give an exact price before we check with the courier. Therfore, for customers not close to our store, we charge the higher price and refund any difference before shipment. This allows us to promptly deliver without having to communicate with the customer and require them to visiit the webpage to make a 2nd payment. The maximum weight for delivery is 8lb and maximum size is 12x12x12". 

**Cut-off time is 12:00 PM for same-day delivery by 5pm.

For deliveries out of Toronto please contact us for pricing.